City welcomes Durack as founding tenant at technology park

Posted on: Friday, 23 May 2014 at 4:27:37 PM

Bob Urquhart, Bert BeeversThe City of Greater Geraldton congratulates Durack Institute of Technology on its recent $9 million State Budget funding allocation for a Resources Sector Training facility at Geraldton Regional Airport.

Due to the City’s rapid growth, the Mid West’s ever burgeoning resources sector, and the increased interest and investment in technology, training and education facilities at Durack were rapidly approaching a premium with no land for expansion.

At the same time the City was in the early stages of designing a technology park near the airport and began talks with Durack and later with the Department of Training and Workforce Development.

City Director of Treasury and Finance, Bob Davis, said the City is delighted to have Durack Institute of Technology as a founding tenant.

“It is a perfect fit and we are delighted to have Durack on board,” he said.

“Durack has experienced rapid growth in enrolments in civil construction and trades training over the past few years and is under pressure to expand.

“Initially the City set aside about five hectares at the proposed airport technology park with the idea of future development of a mining trades training facility. We were obviously excited when approached by Durack, looking for a site for a mining trades campus. The conversation then turned to more space to allow future establishment of training facilities for other trades,” said Mr Davis.

“The City has now increased the site area to seven-and-a-half hectares to accommodate training in all trades that will meet all Durack’s future needs.”

Mr Davis said in future, training could also be possible in aviation fields, for technical support of avionics and navigation aids, leveraging training in electronics and technical computer support.

“We are excited by this future potential, it is a lovely synergy,” said Mr Davis.

It is anticipated construction of the training facility will begin in early 2013 with the first intake of students in early 2014.

Picture: Geraldton Regional Airport Manager, Bob Urquhart, shows Durack Institute of Technology Managing Director, Bert Beevers, where the training facility will be located.

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