Geraldton Airport Technology Park

The Geraldton Airport Technology Park development is of substantial regional significance, expanding over 59.84ha the area will form a strategic aviation hub for the Mid West region and provide a range of aviation and non-aviation services and employment opportunities.

Located in Western Australia, 12 kilometres from the City of Greater Geraldton and 424 kilometres north of Perth, the Geraldton Airport Technology Park has been developed to enhance opportunities within the region.

Stage 1 of the Geraldton Airport Technology Park has 30 lots available for long term leasing or purchase, available to a broad industry base. The facility is well connected by main roads to the Geraldton CBD and is situated next to the Geraldton Airport. The entire site is facilitated with fully serviced high speed fibre optic connectivity.

For information on leasing or purchasing land at the Geraldton Airport Technology Park, please contact Brian Robartson, A/Manager Marketing, Economic & Property Development of the City of Greater Geraldton 08 9956 6661.